About Me


It all started on the 15th of January 1992 when a young boy was born into a young family of James and Tapiwa Manyore. The young family was very happy to have a baby boy in there family such that they both agreed to  name the child using two different names from each parent. The child was named Andrew by the father. A name derived from the bible, a name that belonged to one of the closest disciples of Christ. The mother decided to give him a more traditional and called him Blessing. Clearly both parents wished something great upon this little child.The young Andrew lived with his parents until he was weaned and that age he left his parents and went to live with his grandparents from his mother’s side. There he will spend most of his young age until he was old enough to receive infantry education. So in 1997 the young Andrew left his grandparents and went back to his parents so that he can start his  infantry education the same. In 1998 the young Andrew was enrolled at Chirowakamwe Primary School which is located a few houses from where his parents lived. He would spent the next seven years studying at this school, being involved sporting activities like soccer and cricket and on two occasions he received the best academic student in his grade.

***************TO BE CONTINUED***************


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